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How To Choose Spring Fragrances For Your Spring Candles

How To Choose Spring Fragrances For Your Spring Candles

Who needs a groundhog when your candles can signal the changing of seasons?

The warmer and sunnier weather will be arriving soon. If you are a candle maker in FL it’s likely that the warm weather never left…but, until Mother Nature wins that battle and answers our plea for a jumpstart to springtime, Floridians will just have to take the responsibility of seasonal changes into our own hands.

As a candle maker no matter where you are residing, if you haven’t done so by now it is definitely time to start planning your Spring candle line.

The start of spring has an unmistakable, yet uncategorized smell. It holds memorable floral notes entwined in rainy days of afternoons spent gardening or doing laundry. 

The season in which everything grows, blooms and particularly smells amazing is on its way. 

Take a look at this list of curated Spring fragrances we hope will offer inspiration, so you can create beautiful Spring candles that will allow your customers to bring spring into their homes.

The flowers of spring

Early spring flowers are the surest sign that milder weather is on the way. These bulbs and perennials provide a splash of color before many other plants have started to leaf out after a long winter. Once you spot these blooms, you'll know it's soon time to get back to work in your garden.

Suggested Fragrances

Rose Petals
Ylang Ylang

The clean scent of linen

The smell of fresh bed linen is also evocative of springtime. But how can we interpret the smell of clean sheets? Traditionally, the fresh and aromatic scent of lavender is linked to a clean smell. Nowadays, our washing powders feature notes from clean, fresh and aromatic to woody via floral fruity scents. 

Suggested Fragrances:

You can't have Spring without Easter and you can't have Easter without chocolate!

Suggested Fragrances:

Black Amber
Chocolate Fudge
Hot Cocoa
Oriental Sandalwood
Smoked Vanilla 
Vanilla Bean
White Mocha
Cut Grass / Leafy Greens

 During winter our gardens and greenery tend to need little maintenance and then Spring arrives nature is revived with new blooms, florals and grass growing out of control.

Fun Fact: Did you know that research has shown that the smell of cut grass can make us happier and reduce stress!

Suggested Fragrances
Fresh Cut Grass

April Showers

Our sense of smell typically heightens in humid conditions. This is usually why after a rainstorm ends it often smells earthy or damp.

Suggested Fragrances

Eucalyptus & Mint
Fresh Rain



Understanding fragrance notes will help you make the right choice. Every fragrance is made of three classes of fragrance notes. The scent you smell first comes from the top notes. Once that wears out, you smell the middle notes. The base notes are what remain and linger. 


 Happy Candle Making!







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